A little picto, or maybe a whole lot!

Hello there! I thought it would be fun to post select pages from my sketchbook.
My current one is about half-full right now, so there's lots of catching up to do!

This is a witch type of character I made up. Bunch of things inspired this one, but most of all it was an artist who painted a girl with a posture very much like the one you see in black lines to the left! I'll edit this part when I remember who it was...
Anyway, I was trying to come up with a costume for her here. I think I decided on a quirky dress.

I have a name for this one! His name is Ricotta. Up on the top left are earlier designs I had remembered, and I continuously modified him until I was satisfied down on the right. Along the way, I wanted to show him with different expressions. Someone in my color theory class added the poor little french toast!

Here's my fashionista lion. His shirt says P.Y.T. He looks nervous, huh? The cheery little fellow next to him is yet another rabbit character I have still to name!

Yeah, I know.. It's incomplete! But this is one of my favs of the fashionista lion, anyway~ <3

And here's my mama! :)

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