Film work!

It's the middle of my second semester at CalArts, and I've been well on my way to making my very first film! I've worked through about six different versions of my story, and I think I've got a pretty good thing going on--with time permitting--if I do say so myself! Also I've been working with my good friend Nicky Azama, who's composing music for my film, and that's going really well too. So exciting, I can hardly contain myself!
So right now I'm working on my favorite part of the film making process: animation!

Just a little peek for now!! <3


Mike Barnett said...

That's so cool. It looks like so much fun. Are you doing this as part of in class work or on your own?
I'm curious because we never get much time to do stuff like this in class. At least not so far.
The movement is really smooth!

Nicky said...

Thanks so much, Mike! Yeah this is all on my own time away from classes. And it is WAY fun. I really hope you get the time to do the same soon!!

Tammy said...

Give me your animation skills!!!