end of year/films

I had a great time this year, especially with feeling the feeling of finishing a film.
I'm so excited for next year, I've already been tossing and turning at night with thinking of my next one!!

I thought a lot about the Producer's Show this year and what it means to me. I've seen for two years now only a handful of great films get shown in the spotlight at the Academy for prestigious studios to see, while the rest of highly-qualified films get little to no attention. On top of that, we get no feedback whatsoever from our judges--the faculty--no matter if we've gotten picked or not. Every film was made with tremendous amount of work and sacrifice, and it breaks my heart to see them not get love from eyes that missed them.

Here are some of my favorites that didn't show at the Producers' Show:

You can see EVERYONE'S films here!!!

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MrPine said...

!! Colin's is my favorite