Update (More creative stuff.)

Here are some more select pages from my sketchbook! These are rather brainstormy...

A random duck, who likes to wear a wetsuit!

These are some of the first concepts for my raccoon girl. She's a feisty one! But she still has no name :(

...And suddenly she knows karate. *sigh* Why am I not surprised?
Here I'm trying to find out her colors, now that I know somewhat what I want her to look like. Yay, hats and stuff!

Before I had her in a more golden color, I was imagining her and Ricotta making (vegan) brownies. Yeah.... Ricotta is like, completely symmetrical except for his left leg! What's with that!? I don't know. *Shrugs*

And now I want to make a bat person! I'm not satisfied until I get her right!
She's an erratic individual, as you can probably tell.

Look at her! What a show off. She's a lover of theatrics. By the way, she told me she's purple. How fitting.

Some height comparisons between the three. (This is also where she told me she's purple.)

I wanna give my raccoon girl some clothes! Ouuuch--Did she just sit on pins!? Who did that?

Here's my witch lady friend, putting some things away in her Mary Poppins bag. She's not very careful with her things, is she?

Theatrical bat girl trying to get some shut-eye at home. Just can't put down that iPod. That's her grandma on the right, barely able to shriek: "You're going to ruin your EARS, young lady."

Ricotta being Ricotta. Oh and some hipster chicken talking to a hipster worm. (And that's a classmate up on the left.)

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