Update May 13 2009!

Yay for new batch!

Person in my life drawing class making a funny pose.

My raccoon and bat people have names now! The raccoon is Anise...

And the bat is Daal! ^___^ Yaaaaaaaayyy~

My fluffpup Teddy :3 He's sleepin' in his doghouse on a warm day.

My sister got stung by a bee for the fourth time! Her hand swelled up like mad crazy o_o So naturally, I HAD to draw it. xD
Turns out every time you get stung, the reaction to the sting gets worse.

My sis lazing around. God, she's so myspace. :P

So this is someone new. He's a baby male chick who's escaped what would have been an ill fate, experienced by many of his kind. For reals. My friends liked the word REFUGEE and unanimously agreed that be the name for him, and I'm kinda warming up to that idea :)

Woo! I shared my new crayons with my classmate Katie (sp?) and we got to lotsa chatting :D
She imagines herself as a wolfy raccoon, and requested I draw a quick sketch of her as a wolf!

Some more refined designs, and I thought the name Kombu would be fitting!

So there you have it! Tune in next time! I will most likely be uploading part of my official portfolio, for which I will create another blog ^^
Bye bye! <3

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