May 19, 2009: More life drawings!

I was carousing through the deviantART forums ( D: gasp!) and to my delighted surprise, someone was trying to set up a San Diego meet! I saw that it was in the Golden Hill area, which is what I've been hearing is the new hipster place to go, lolz. But I do not judge! So I read on. He posted the address and a Myspace for a program called Perspective, where artists get together at an old renovated church to draw and have some fun! By the time I've scanned through the whole Myspace, I'm very excited. It's an opportunity for the local artist community to get to know each other, and be friends and stuff! How cool is that!?

I barely made it on time on the 17th, stumbling through the old church door with Ricky by my side. I meet the man in charge, named Geoffrey (sp? pronounced "joffree"). Music is playing through the echo-y venue, and there's a lady sitting on a couch on the stage named Mindy in a trench coat, fishnet stockings, and knee-high boots. I look around at all the artwork that's hung up, chat with Ricky (basically "omg this is f*ing cool"), and nervously give Geoffrey my $5 for the figure drawing session. Really friendly guy.
Ricky leaves once the posing has begun.

I met a nice lot of people, and they all seem to be within 5 years of my age, save for one or two who are older.

Needless to say, I will be heading over to Golden Hill every sunday evening :3

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