Crow quill pen madness! June 2009

Hello, and welcome to another fun compilation of sketch drawings coming straight from my brain, to discounted paper, to your computer!
These, my friends, are crow quill pens. (And that, behind them, is my mug and the chaos that is my room. ...Yes, that is a Squirtle pillow. And a night light. Anyway--)
To my relief, crow quill pens are not at all feathers torn from the fellows, but rather metal nibs on plastic handles!
And boy, are these magical. Below you can see the difference between using my former favorite, and these bad boys!

Anise! And she's got a super cool gyroplane to take everywhere! <333
(This was done with my pilot pen, so you can see overall that they're very uniform lines. I love practicing my fast lines with these.)

Anise taking a ride! Whoo!! This was done with my now beloved crow quill pen! Very first attempt in history, so it's a tad messy. Look at how I can make such itty bitty lines on the same size paper!! /geekout.
I'm very set on coloring this sometime soon.

Anise havin' a drink with Daal. I was trying to figure out what kind of clothes bats would wear, but it just doesn't work! I guess bats will generally walk around naked :0

I had a story in mind for a couple years now, but that story is becoming Anise's... So I gotta figure something out for these two! I'm still pretty attached to 'em, you know?

Turnaround of the girl. Her name's Ioneta! It's a funky mix of a Greek name and the word violet. I like it for her, don't you? :D

It's tough digging through the colors to see what she'll wear, but I think I definitely got her eyes and hair.

She's gonna kick you in the behind!

Drew her in semi-realism for fun.

And finally, a layout for my portfolio website! I love sweets too much :B

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