I'm BACK! A Non-Dinosaur Story

Well hello my wonderful (two or three) readers! I am back on blogspot to share more of my life and doodles! So what has happened to me in a year?? A-heckuva-lot--BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY:

I have been admitted into CALARTS CHARACTER ANIMATION FOR FALL OF 2010


So I will be blogging about my exciting adventures there for the next four years!
It comes to no surprise that there have been many connections made on Facebook since everyone's acceptance letters came in. I even sent my acceptance story over to CalArts Admissions, and they posted it! The excitement is so saturated, it feels like as soon as school starts it's already a schoolwide party. I feel so privileged to have been accepted into such a prestigious art school, and I'm sure everyone else feels likewise. Already there have been plans for LA excursions, coffee shop visits, and group Ikea dorm shopping!

The future is bright, and summer time has been moving so sluggishly simply because I'm waiting for it to END! But I must bask in this beautiful SoCal weather while it's summer, and enjoy all the opportunities summer present! So I've been trying to keep up with life drawing practice before I move up in September. To my delight, I've found that Perspective life drawing sessions are also back in full force in Hillcrest!!

Here is Eliza, a gorgeous multi-talented performing artist.
(Poses from 1-3 minutes, then 10, then 20-30)

^This one is my favorite!


Tahnee said...

Congrats again :)
It WILL be a school-wide party when you get there. And every Thursday night. There's never a dull moment, in fact it's a little too hyper at times to keep up with.
Enjoy the rest of your summer by stocking up on sleep! No really, you won't sleep much your first semester, so get it all in now. And keep drawing, and yes, it will be awessssssooooooooommmmmee!

Nicole Rojo-Vega said...

Ahhh thanks, Tahnee!!! <333

Thursday nights? Hmm should I ask, or is it best left as a surprise? lol~!